Thursday, March 1, 2007

Coffee Bay

I don't know where to start. Simply said, it's beautiful here - and a much welcomed break from the city-speed of Durban.

Even driving in yesterday through the countryside I was in love - the green hills, shades of gray mountains in the distance, Xhosa hut after Xhosa hut (they're circular and usually turquoise), and children - just playing. That's what children do - in whatever nation, in whatever climate, in whatever state of poverty or wealth - children play.

I've met so many interesting people - from England, Germany, South Africa, Denmark, and the US - and I've been fascinated listening to everyone's stories. Apparently I'm not the only one who takes 3 months off from the real world to spend time in Africa, and that's reassuring. People have such diverse backgrounds and yet such consistently human needs, wants, and desires.

After we arrived yesterday we went up to the top of a big hill with a cliff dropping right down to the ocean for "sundowners" (drinks at sundown). Dinner last night was fish on the braai (bbq) and some girls from the village came to perform traditional Xhosa dance - then there was a group of drummers. We spent today at the beach. I had another surfing lesson and actually did alright.

The coast is just beautiful. And my favorite part about the town is that the farm animals roam freely - even by the shoreline. A bunch of cows were hanging out with us while we surfed today. It's hard to move too quickly when there is a cow sitting next to you munching on grass. It's such a humane pace of life.

So I cancelled my bus ticket to Cape Town tomorrow. I'm not sure if I'll go at a later date or skip it altogether. I love it here - and I'm not feeling any desire to try to navigate my way through another big city. We'll see what happens. Isn't it wonderful that I don't have to decide right now?

I'll just be here for now, hanging out with the goats and the waves - absolutely loving every moment of it.

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